Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Zac's Testicle Tales

Just like to share my two testicles stories. Funny how they come in in pairs...


My mate Theo suffered from Elephantis of the left testicle which simply means it was huuge...the size a tennis ball...and he had lost all sensation in it. This meant he could endure people squeezing his testicle without pain. A popular party trick would keep us entertained, asking people to "Squeeze this with all your might." No matter how hard anyone squeezed, it didn't hurt. Hilarious stuff.

He would like to compare his testicle against anyone to see who had the largest ball. Unfortunately, his schlong didn't match up to left testicle, or perhaps the distorted shaped had dwarfed his old fella.


True story heard it on the radio so it must have been true. An elderly gent in frail health would shower sitting on a plastic chair, through the passage of time the chair had deteriorated and spilit and crumbled oneday when he was sitting on it and showering. The chair opened up his testicle went south trapped them underneath the chair whilst he remained seated above. Needless to say the fire bridage had to preform an interesting rescue job on him.


  1. Touching your gonads after just having used SUPERGLUE (and having said glue still on your fingers) can provide an awkward trip to the hospital

    ALL stories involving the smearing on of some some edible treat ( such as honey or PAL) and involving a 2nd party eating it off.... is a dangerous pastime

    Vacuum cleaning injuries can be hazardous to healthy gonads also

  2. Thanks Barry, that's some insipred, hopefully not first had, advice.

    : b