Saturday, May 2, 2009

Introducing my first born

I am pleased to announce that on May 1 my firstborn was delivered to book stores all over Australia.

Weighing in at half a pound, this healthy happy bouncing baby has brought an awful lot of happiness to this proud parent already. So much so that I can't help but show off the photos of it coming into this world, below.

And the name? We've called him Lessons from My Left Testicle.

Of course little Lessons was delivered with care and precision by the good folk at Finch Publishing but, now that it's in the big wide world it is, sadly, on its own, fighting for shelf space against the big cashed up bullies of the book world.

Like all parents I am determined to give it the best start in life, hence this blog. Over the coming months, with the help of a few fine collaborators, I'll be experimenting with home-baked, no-cost ways to get my baby noticed and keep it top shelf where I'm glad to say it debuted in a number of stores this week.

We call it An Experiment in Guerilla Book Marketing. And we're starting!

If you have any good ideas to add to the mix, then email them to me here.

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