Monday, May 4, 2009

Sally's Testicle Tale

I was recently at Coachella festival in Palm Springs, US and there was a guy lying on the grass, on his back, in a Borat-famous lime green mankini, obviously thinking he a bit funny/cool, but not realising his right testicle was popping out the side of the fabric. As you know, testicles aren't the most attractive part of the male anatomy, and unfortunately the visual is still with me. Though the guys I was with at the time, were a lot more disturbed than I was.



    A jury awarded nearly $1 million to an Ohio man who says he has endured years of pain and must walk bowlegged after his left testicle was struck by a broken weight machine bar at an athletic club.

    "I can barely walk, let alone run. There's a constant throbbing of pain. I mean, it's my testicle. That's a very uncomfortable spot to feel pain," said Jason Houston, 25, adding that sex is tenuous following the February 2004 injury at a local YWCA.

    Houston, who won the $953,700 award on Monday, was lifting about 68kg on a leg extension machine when a cable broke. That caused a centre steel rod with an adjusting ball to swing 180 degrees into his groin.

    Houston has been receiving treatment for pain since. A nerve pain blocker was installed but that has not corrected all the pain.

    "It's a horrendous injury. Everyone who hears his story just kind of winces," Houston's lawyer said.

  2. An unmarried loner, he usually didn't leave the machine shop at lunchtime with his co-workers. Finding himself alone, he had begun the regular practice of masturbating by holding his penis against the canvas drive-belt of a large floor-based piece of running machinery. One day, as he approached orgasm, he lost his concentration and leaned too close to the belt. When his scrotum suddenly became caught between the pulley-wheel and the drive-belt, he was thrown into the air and landed a few feet away. Unaware that he had lost his left testis, and perhaps too stunned to feel much pain, he stapled the wound closed and resumed work.