Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Uncle Ted's Testicle Tale

Uncle Ted says: The only joke I can think of about testicles is the following...

A guy from the city goes duck shooting and he believes he needs to get out in the fresh air. After 3 days and on his last day he shoots a prize duck. The duck take a dive and lands in an old farmers paddock next door. The hunter starts to climb over the fence to retrieve the prize duck.

As he does – a little old man pops up and say's – what the * are you doing? The hunter says I am picking up my duck – the old mans says – that's my duck it's on my property.

The hunter tells the old man that if he doesn't let him have the duck he will take legal action against the old farmer and make his life hell.

The little old farmer says - well we solve these types of issues a differently way around these parts. How is this asks the hunter – the little old man tells him that they kick each other in the balls and the one still standing wins.

The hunter looks at the little old man and thinks no problem I can beat this old guy. OK says the hunter.

The little old man kicks the hunter in the balls – and the hunter is surprised by how much it hurts – then again – and after the 3rd kick the hunter is on the ground in pain. However now it's my turn – he turns and says to the little old farmer – however the farmer has picked up his stuff and starts to walk away.

The hunter turn to the farmer and the farmer looks him in the eyes and says – you win you can keep the duck I didn't want it anyway!

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  1. I love the whole project! I have a testicle joke, too. My email isn't working, that's why I'm posting it as a comment.

    This guy goes to the doctor. He explains his problem: "When I get off, there's pressure from my right ball, pressure from my left ball and the condom I wear goes "boom." The doctors checks to see that everything's alright with the guy and it is. The solution he finds is a specially-made thicker condom. The guy comes back a week later and says "It's the same, pressure from the right ball, pressure from the left ball and the condom went "boom." The doctor is puzzled but has a thicker condom made, this time from a thin tyre rubber. The guy comes back next week, it's the same story,"pressure from the right ball, pressure from the left ball and the condom went "boom." The doctor is puzzled and frustrated. This time he has it made from the rubber of a truck tyre. He's sure it's going to work this time. Come next week, the guy comes back and says "Well doctor, pressure from the right ball, pressure from the condom, left ball goes "boom."