Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jimmy James' Testicle Tale

In high school, my older brother and I collected basketball cards. But the story gets better.

At the time, high school kids thought they were much more valuable than they actually were, and one kid even offered to trade a high powered and illegal BB gun for my brother's New York Knicks team card. So with a BB gun in the house, but no targets, we took turns shooting each other at opposite ends of the corridor.

When I got tired of body shots, I decided it would be a good idea to shoot my brother in the crotch. Moments later, I shot my brother in the crotch. He keeled over writhing in pain. I'd never seen him cry like that before. It said it was a an accident, but it was more of a small victory for me.

Days later, everything seemed back to normal, but please imagine the precision of my aim though, considering my brother was already born without his left testicle.

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