Monday, May 11, 2009

Barry's Testicle Tale

A ripsnorter just in from none other than Australia's greatest music export, Barry Crocker. As reported here on the SMH:

A jury awarded nearly $1 million to an Ohio man who says he has endured years of pain and must walk bowlegged after his left testicle was struck by a broken weight machine bar at an athletic club.

"I can barely walk, let alone run. There's a constant throbbing of pain. I mean, it's my testicle. That's a very uncomfortable spot to feel pain," said Jason Houston, 25, adding that sex is tenuous following the February 2004 injury at a local YWCA.

Houston, who won the $953,700 award on Monday, was lifting about 68kg on a leg extension machine when a cable broke. That caused a centre steel rod with an adjusting ball to swing 180 degrees into his groin.

Houston has been receiving treatment for pain since. A nerve pain blocker was installed but that has not corrected all the pain.

"It's a horrendous injury. Everyone who hears his story just kind of winces," Houston's lawyer said.

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