Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Book Launch Uberthanks

Is there such a thing as an uberthanks? Is now. An uberthanks to everyone who braved a rainy chilly night to make the warmest of welcomes to my firstborn into the world at tonight's launch. It was like looking at all the jigsaw pieces of my life come together in one room and you were fantastic for being there. I had a ball (excuse the pun) and hope you did too. We went through all the beer and the auxillary stash too.

The people at Berkelouw said that's the by far most drinks they've ever done at a launch and also the most books they've sold. They said they are suspicious there might be a strong correlation too. I hope no one regrets their pickup in the morning.

As I was madly signing away some of you came up with piles of 6 clutched in your paws. That's amazing support I hope everyone you give them to enjoys them cover to cover. My Mum bought another seven. I swear she now owns a baker's dozen herself.

It's late now so I'll put the photos up tomorrow. If you have some, please send 'em over and I'll whack them up too.

Oh yeah, did I say uberthanks?

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