Thursday, July 30, 2009

A really nice email

So, let me tell you, when you write a book emails like this really make it all worthwhile. It's from a friend of a friend talking about their friend...

I also wanted to share with you guys a small world story. Last night I had dinner with an old friend of mine Christopher. He's just been on holidays in Thailand and started to tell me about this great book that he had read while away. He said, it's called "Lessons I Learnt From My Left Testicle". Anyway, he started to describe Ben the man that has written this book and I said, does he have a wife called Annabelle? Christopher said yes, and then we realised that it is your friends Ben and Annabelle! What a small world. So I wanted to let you guys know, so you can share it with them some readers feedback. He said that he had dropped into his local bookshop Colddrake quickly when getting ready for the trip and the shop assistant said ... you should really read this book, it's great! And sure enough he did. And now he's telling me about it, his mum is going to read it and so on! So congrats to your friend Ben for writing the book. There's already one person I know whose gotten something out of it and was telling me little anecdotes which had rung a bell with him from it. What a great title as well. :)

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