Wednesday, July 8, 2009


A well long overdue update. And an end to the story that came a little too late to be in the book.

Annabelle and I have been trying to make babies for about years now. Alas, until now, no banana.

We tried it this way and that way. We went overseas. We got fit. We gave up bad things. We tried it the other way. Finally, we went to see the IVF people.

We booked a time and a date. Then on the morning we were due to start, Annabelle used her last pregnancy test, 'just in case'.

Hey ya, voila.

We called and cancelled the appointment with an hour to spare. Now, three months on I an tell y'awl Annabelle is officially pregnant and things are cooking in the kitchen.

Proof that there are happy endings after all.

PS: Roasting on the news, I scored a record 8 goals in one half in indoor soccer the day we got the scans. As one wise friend said, 'He shoots, he scores..."


  1. Benny boy, this is such great news (the baby, I mean)!

    I've just finished your book and admired you all the way for being so positive, resourceful and flexible in the face of such a scary thing.

    I recently had a skin cancer removed from my head, in-and-out of plastic surgery, nothing like yours, and it shattered my belief in my health (see Finding Cancer).

    Now, I've been a parent since I was 24 and I have 3 great kids that I love dearly, and the topic of kids was too absent from the book for me. So I'm really glad you're gonna be a daddy, because people like you should be (not to mention Annabelle).

    Best regards,

  2. Hehe! I believe I am the wise friend!


  3. Hi! Found your website today via your Twitter profile, which I looked up after the #web2g conference today. Your presentation was fab. Loved it. Congrats on your book, and more important, your baby! Let's hope the rest of the pregnancy is smooth sailing with a very rushed ending :) Good luck and thanks!