Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And then there were four

And the there were four
The latest update from my lone surviving testicle is it's working just fine. 

My GP once said that with one testicle you still have enough sperm to populate the world. While I don't think it's necessary to go that far, Annabelle and I have put it to the test once again and it's come up trumps, delivering our second born Juliet Juno into the world on Dec 28.

Everyone says she looks like me. I think she looks like a tiny wrinkly little old lady. Mind you, cuteness doesn't take long to take hold. Once her head reshaped itself after the squishy experience that is birth she has been the fascination of everyone's eye....most of all Lulu who wants to carry her everywhere. 

So more good news. Where once I was told it was 50/50 if I'd have kids I now have two. That's winning if you ask me. 

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