Thursday, June 4, 2009

Three years and counting

A wee milestone this week.

After another trip through the giant donut I am pleased to announ that, after poring over the films of my insides once again, the doctors that be have once again confirmed a status of cancer free. Hell yeah.

Of course, as usual, I started off quietly confident then ended at least with small beads of sweat on the 'ole forehead when the results took an hour longer than usual to come back. At least now I don't get sick the day before.

Now this is of a little more consequence than past results. See, in some parts of the world three years is considered to be out of remission and cured. In Australia, they wait five before making any such declaration. Think I might move to one of those other countries for a while lest the Little Bastard get any ideas of making a comeback.

Anyway, so, good news. I must say I was a bit nervous that launching a book all about surviving might be a jinx (yes after cancer it's easy to worry about things like this) but as it turns out I am, once again, hopefully, worried about nothin'.

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